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Should Apple Buy EA and Razer to Help Gaming? It Worked With Beats

I originally started this article back right before WWDC 2020.  I updated it for 2021, but at that time I didn’t feel like I had a full picture.  That has changed with WWDC 2022.  We have a full set of Apple Silicon chips, at least on the consumer side, and some huge changes to Metal and gaming support.  All the information needed is here.  But what else does Apple need and could a pair of high profile additions make Apple a gaming powerhouse?  Let’s take a look. A Noticeable Absense Apple TV+ was very much a service in its early days when a couple years back.  It’s grown with big budget, acclaimed shows like Foundation, Ted Lasso, and Severance  However, its first real hit stands out:  Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet.  The show is similar in premise to HBO's Silicon Valley, but instead of a tech software startup, it focuses on the team behind a fictionalized World of Warcraft-type MMO.  For a show that is distributed by Apple, the company is noticeably absent and really only

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