An update on what I'm doing now.

I spent almost 4 years racking up 1200 posts at Geek Beat.  However, that property has run its course.  It's being replaced by a new property called Geeks Life which will feature many of the same players. What does this mean for me?  Its lead to a major reassessment and realignment of my career goals I've set over the last  few years.  Honestly, to various degrees, proved to be beneficial as some of the goals I had were not conducive to my long term benefit.  As one of the changes I'm making, I'm going to be paying a lot more attention to my own personal brand.  This is an area where I've honestly neglected myself.  It's a major reason I started this quaint little site.  I will also be focusing building a career for my next 30 years of my work life.  This will be away from the public eye.  That doesn't mean I'm going to stop writing news, analysis of products and technology, and reviews.  Honestly, most of the contributing writers and even editors in the industry are part-timers.

I will be a contributor to the new Geeks Life as well, but I'm also taking this opportunity to diversify to best make use of my passions and talents.  I will be doing some work at the Professional Apple Users Academy at with my friends Doc, Jerry, and Patrice.  This is a site devoted to giving you insights, tips, and tricks on how to use your Mac, iPhone, or iPad on the job.  I am also looking for a more permanent gig at an Apple-centric site or an Apple beat at general news site.  I have done a lot of diversification while at Geek Beat, but with more commitments outside of writing,  I'm looking to narrow my focus to what I'm best at.  If you know of a contributing writer position or would like to talk about my services, please use the contact form on this site and drop me a line.

Lastly, I'm putting a lot of effort into something I'm not very good at, but love doing anyway: podcasting.  Jerry, Patrice, and myself have now recorded 23 episodes of Deconstruct, an irreverent and NSFW tech show breaking down misleading articles.  Please give it a listen and if you like what you hear, please consider signing up for our Patreon.  We do this show almost completely out of pocket and would like to continue telling you about our friends projects that you'd like instead of running traditional ads.  Even a dollar to two a weekly episode would be a great help in sustaining Deconstruct and helping it grow.  We could also use some help spreading the word about Deconstruct.

There's another podcast I do that, quite frankly I've let slip a bit... or a lot, The Tech Hangout.  The show started as an off-week replacement for Geek Beat Live and has become something more 80 some odd episodes in.  We're working on shaking that up a lot and bringing you the Tech Hangout 2.0.  We've started with a new more-responsive WordPress theme that I think serves the show better.  We've also moved from freeloading off of the Geek Beat IRC chat to a new permanent chatroom at #TheTechHangout.  We were at Freenode until I learned I couldn't get admin privileges over my own chatroom.  The chat is open during the show and the times where we're not recording.  It is the Tech Hangout after all, with the emphasis being on hangout.  The show itself is being tweaked as part of the Tech Hangout 2.0 as well to be more more focused and more professional.  However, viewer participation will continue to be a vital part of the show.  Stay tuned for that.

I've been basically up since Thursday morning, so I should attempt to get an hour or two of sleep here.  I'll talk to you all later.