I have my own site now. It was time.

If you know me, I'm one of the most technologically savvy people out there.  It's literally been my job for the last couple years.  One of the things I've never really had is my own website and blog about my own interests.  There are some major changes coming to my life both personal and professional, so it was time and I bought the BenRoethig.com domain and created my site.

My aims for this blog are mostly professional connections, but also to get people to know me.  If I write something, it'll go here.  Same for any photographs I take.  If I have some professional insights, I'll post it.  If I have something I need to share that I can't find another outlet for, It'll go here.

Anyway, I need to wrap this short introduction up.  If you want to know more about me, I have links to both my G+ and LinkedIN Profiles to the right.  There's also a contact form around here.  I'll talk more soon.


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